Speeding Tickets

At one time or another almost everyone who has ever been pulled over has tried to get out of a speeding ticket. They try to talk the officer out of the ticket there at the scene or by going to court and hoping to get it dismissed. Getting a ticket dismissed is not as common as it could be if people knew how to properly go about getting out of a speeding ticket.

  • Always make sure to be respectful and considerate to the officer. Behave like a fool and you may find yourself in jail. Disagreeing with the officer is fine, but arguing about it on the side of the road is not. That is what the court system is for.
  • Politely ask to see the radar.
  • Ask to receive a warning before they head back to their car.
  • Taking good notes immediately after leaving the scene may provide you with a later defense.
  • Set the court date out as far as possible. If possible reschedule the court date. If the officer fails to show up for the trial, you automatically win, in most cases. By rescheduling you may make it difficult for the officer to attend.
  • When appearing in court dress professionally and make sure you have the proper attitude.
  • If you see the officer before the court hearing, ask the officer again to dismiss the ticket. In some jurisdictions, the officer can waive the ticket up until the trial. They are people too, and maybe they were having a bad day that day.

If you use these tips for getting out of a speeding ticket the next time you get pulled over, you will greatly increase your chances of getting out of your speeding ticket.




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